Call Now For Details !

Whether you want to start a marine detailing business, grow an existing marine services business or just learn to detail your own boat the correct way, our 2 day class will teach you the main principles and techniques you will need to be successful.

Boat detailing is a trade that requires an artistic and well trained person in order to be successful. We focus on Safety, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Professionalism and emphasize the importance of great communication skills. We also offer a 3rd, additional optional day of class that focuses on the business side of boat detailing.

Our team has over 30 years combined experience with the trade and the business of boat detailing. Stop scratching your head and wondering what you are doing wrong. Why is it swirly, dull, and rough to the touch??? We give our students the answers and confidence they need to become excellent detailer’s.  We provide an educational foundation for them to develop for themselves, at their own pace.

Don’t wait, classes starting soon.

We do not offer classes from April 1st through July 1st, this is our busiest time of the year!
Please call now for more “details”.